Delivering Solid State Drives to the Masses

Our motto has always been to create mass adoption in a technology that is revolutionizing the world of data and the internet. ZenSSD wants every laptop and computer to abandon the legacy hard drive and adopt the newer SSD by reducing the $/GB through innovative ways of managing the flash, controller, cache and other components.

samsung-nand-chipsZen uses only the best NAND flash which is purchased in wafers directly from Samsung Electronics. Our factories are located in Shenzhen where the NAND flash is packaged and assembled at a weekly volume of 200,000 units a week. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our suppliers as well as the quality of our manufacturing process. The factory is one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities and has received the international ISO 9001 Certification along with ISO 14001. Zen also abides to European and American testing standards such as CE, FCC, and ROHS and has very rigorous quality assessment and management practices, all computerized and open for auditing or verification. Each product we produce comes with a guarantee of quality; and is backed up with a three year warranty.

koreaZen is constantly looking for different ways of reducing prices to make the SSD a mass market commodity. Every 3-4 months we apply a cut on the prices of our SSD’s, especially our larger sized SSD’s to make sure customers come back. Although the 120 GB size is sufficient for most people, we don’t want our customers to resort to having to use an external drive to store data. You will notice our pricing strategy puts the larger sized units in a very competitive price point especially when taking into consideration the cost of the raw materials needed to make the SSD. We don’t mean to just substitute the old 3.5″ HDD, we aim to replace it entirely.

We believe it’s a matter of time when the economics of flash memory will drive legacy storage devices into extinction. Just like the cassette tapes and VHS, two standards which revolutionized media and entertainment. We are currently witnessing the hard disk drive losing its dominance as the medium for storage.


korea_chip_fabWhy Samsung NAND?

We believe in quality over quantity. Sure, it’s nice to have a large sized SSD, or to have multiple SSDs to augment your work environment. However, we are a firm believer that customers return to brands they trust will deliver them the best results. This is the reason we have selected Samsung as our primary supplier for our flash NAND. Does that mean we only work with Samsung? No, but scale allows us more competitive prices which are then delivered back to you, our customers. We also work tightly with SK Hynix of South Korea and US based Flash manufacturers. However, our know-how and expertise in creating the best product we possibly can has come from sharing manufacturing and process innovation with our Korean partners. Our technology base and our development has been closely tied to Korea’s advancement in semiconductors, an industry which the Korean government is devoted to cultivating.

What’s the Future?

dreamstime_m_32069453ZenSSD edge is its purchasing power for quality Flash NAND which reduces costs on a quarterly basis through unique partnerships with Korean Flash manufacturers. We target larger capacities to develop and nurture TLC technology which we believe is the answer to the industry, not only for consumers but also for enterprises. Korea’s TLC technology and patents within the field of semiconductors has accelerated the stability and quality for a flash type that was considered fast but unacceptable for businesses.

Today, our TLC Flash powers data centers and is used in enterprise servers allowing companies to enjoy cheaper deployments which require smaller CAPEX in exchange for a negligible OPEX increase.