Zen SSD focuses on solid state drives and has a range of different drives from the 2.5 inch SATA3 drives which replace the regular laptop and PC spinning disk hard drives, and drives with different form factors which uses the PCI interface.

Zen SSD designs storage devices with a focus on performance and longevity. The drives are ideal for multimedia, multitasking and multi-processing. Our motto is to replace all storage media from tape, platter, and optical discs to flash media, a reality that we believe will arrive within a few years. Our supporting strategy is creating low cost SSDs that outperform high-end brand name SSDs. Most of which can not compete with the speed and durability that our SSDs provide.


Our SSD Products

Why Solid State Drives?

SSD Features

The SSD Advantage

Less Lag
Zen SSDs offer industry-leading low latency, enabling faster access to data and a more responsive computer. Optimize an old notebook or maximize a modern PC.
Faster Performance
SSD technology enables 100x greater throughput, quicker boot ups, faster file transfers, and overall snappier performance than hard drives.
Proprietary Technology
It’s through cutting-edge technology that Zen SSD has set itself apart from the rest. Our secret sauce is in our advanced suite of flash management.
More Bang for the Buck
When considering performance per dollar, SSDs are more cost-effective than their mechanical counterparts.
Award-Winning Innovation
With innovative storage features, Zen SSD promises to change your computing expectations and live up to the hype of using an SSD.
Greater Durability
The non-mechanical design of NAND flash mounted to circuit boards is extremely durable, unlike HDDs and their rotating disks and seeking spindles.
Advanced Endurance
Worried about the lifespan of flash memory? Zen SSD increases durability and maximizes the life expectancy of the flash in each SSD.
Energy Efficient
SSDs use significantly less power than hard drives, promoting a longer battery life in notebooks, less power consumption, and a greener computing environment.
Beyond the Box
Zen SSDs deliver lasting performance and reliability long after the initial ‘fresh-out-of-the-box’ experience.
Silent Operation
With no moving parts, SSDs run virtually silent in your notebook or PC to eliminate distracting noise during gaming or entertainment.