Zen SSD Service Center

ZenSSD Service Center in KangnamOur service centers are open Monday to Friday 9 to 6 PM. For your convenience, we have created a mailing system where all your information will be responded to immediately after you leave your name, phone number and explanation of your technical difficulties. The relevant service operator will contact you to give you further instructions. As most problems arise due to application errors rather than hardware, we do not offer an offline channel to assist you on technical difficulties. However, our engineers have extensive experience dealing with our product so will do everything they can to assist you if the fault is caused by our products. Please go through the FAQ to find out what to do in case of a failure.


Service Procedures

  1. Use the form located in technical support to report a problem
  2. Wait for a response from one of our engineers (usually within 24 hours)
  3. Follow the instructions by the engineers and prepare to mail the SSD to our service lab
    • Only visit our service center in the case you have been asked to do so by our engineers as we try to find the most efficient way of solving your problems
  4. Mail the SSD to the address provided and wait 2 to 4 days for a replacement


Why no Offline Visits?

We have found that given the warranty period has not expired, it is extremely rare that our product is the source of a critical shutdown. As long as our products are used as instructed, our customers will find that the problem is usually caused from external circumstances. We believe that the best way to solve a misshap is to replace the product with a different new model immediately to keep our customers happy and returning. As everybody’s time is valuable, we do not recommend spending time locating our centers, waiting in line and revisiting when our engineers have diagnosed a problem.

Our engineers will inspect the SSD to make sure the unit is infact faulty and that the warranty is valid for a replacement. If we do not have the same model in stock, we will deliver a more recent model, or one with higher capacity. However, the great majority of our customers use our products for 5 or more years without experiencing any defects in performance. Our belief is that a quick replacement is the best way to deal with anyone who has experienced any mishaps where our product is involved.